History of Fair Flora

History of Fair Flora

The consumer attaches importance to fair products. The money spent indicates what is important and what is not. What are the impacts of your purchased products? Which message do you convey? So the question was: how do we get sustainable flowers and plants to people’s home? There are already many market-leading growers who have done footprint calculations, but the channels are not (yet) enough to get these products to the customer. The solution is to create a consumer label that ensures the consistent coherence of processes in order to allow the consumer to make a conscious choice. Fair Flora grew out of this idea. On the one hand, providing a platform for growers to offer their beautiful fair products, on the other hand, offering a transparent platform for customers to make a conscious purchase.

Then we put our heads together with the enthusiasts,  have conversations with stakeholders that can take charge of the process (bundling and logistics), provide distribution channels and create information channels (website).

The biggest challenge is reaching all parties. Start small but grow is our credo. So we start with what we can do now and sincerely hope that we make great progress in order to:

– Reward producers for their progressive role;
– Innovate floriculture and become more sustainable;
– Support worldwide projects to contribute to the improvement of all life on earth;
– Make people happy with beautiful flowers and plants that affect the environment in a positive way;

Do you join us?