Fair Flora requirements

Fair Flora requirements

Fair Flora growers have transparent working methods. Partly, there are already certifications in the areas of quality, working conditions and environment. Fair Flora adds additional areas, the footprint calculation is a requirement. In addition, growers are encouraged to improve continuously. Fair Flora is the brand to bring sustainable flowers and brands to market: completely transparent about the way the product is made. We are very proud of this.

A current footprint calculation is done for the product. This gives the grower insight into the environmental impact of each product. A plan of impact reduction with a minimum of 5% within 2 years will be created. The reduction plan including the calculated results is transparent.


The grower is aware of his obligation to deal well with his employees, and also requests the same from his suppliers. He confirms this by signing the CSR statement.

The grower is aware that sustainability goes beyond what happens within his own cultivation. Therefore, he only uses peat, paper and cardboard of responsible origin. In addition, he is actively involved in waste separation. Although the producer actively reduces his emissions, there are likely to be some that can not be (yet) avoided. Therefore, the remaining CO2 emissions will be compensated for the Fair Flora products.

A grower has to deal with his environment, such as nature, other companies and local people. These should remain, as far as possible, unaffected by the presence of the cultivation. Employees, suppliers and customers are also involved: they try to avoid transport movements as far as possible and to consider favorable times for residents. In order to protect the employees and the surrounding nature, we work with natural means as much as possible. Another crop protection is of biological origin, whereby chemical agents are only used in exceptional cases. The water cycle in the company is completely closed: no water is introduced.

For the production of many flowers and plants, non-renewable raw materials such as natural gas, peat and artificial fertilizer are used. For the fourth star, the production of a plant only involves the use of renewable raw materials. Green electricity and green gas are used, for example. In addition, the substrate consists of maximally 25% peat and a maximum of 25 % artificial fertilizer is used.