What is Fair Flora?

What is Fair Flora?

A Fair Flora plant is produced with a view to sustainability in the areas of mankind, environment and raw materials. In addition, we are continuously working on making the processes even more sustainable. Fair Flora rewards you: flowers and plants that are grown according to our criteria can be sold under our name at a price that the grower considers to be sustainable! Investments can be made in new cultivation techniques or better conditions for employees, for example. All this transparent: the results of the Fair Flora requirements can be viewed online at any time, including a plan for further improvement of sustainability.

A plant can be sold as Fair Flora plant if the conditions that you find on this page are met. These are classified into three categories.

The seven Fair Flora ladies and you as a customer determine if the requirements are sufficient. Fair Flora does not commit to additional certifications for growers. MPS, GlobalGap, footprint calculation: it is important that the grower is transparent, shows his results and explains on request. The best auditor is the customer himself!


To improve, you need to know how much impact the cultivation has. We do this by calculating the footprint. It gives the grower insight into the effects of energy, materials and transportation. With this knowledge, the producer is able to determine how the most favorable result can be achieved, for example by selecting another energy supplier or by focusing on less waste. Every year, we review whether the steps taken have been successful and determine where to expect future challenges.

Consciously sustainable

Unfortunately, not everything related to sustainability can be easily expressed by a value. Furthermore, low environmental impact does not automatically  mean that the company is working on sustainability. To cope with this, we impose additional conditions that oblige growers to focus on sustainability. Employees, for example, have to be informed about sustainability and how they can contribute to it. We are also looking beyond the production: is the waste reused or recycled and well separated? Could the staff perhaps to go to work by bicycle?

Social responsibility

Apart from reducing the impact on the environment, we also pay attention to human welfare. For example, many seasonal workers work in greenhouses that need to be treated properly. In addition, it is important that employees comply with safety regulations and that the grower ensures the compliance. Sometimes, parts of the production  take place abroad, for example in Africa. Do the people receive decent wages and what about the adjacent neighbors of the greenhouses? Moreover, we have issued a CSR statement. The grower and as many of its suppliers as possible must sign and respect it.

We want to give a chance to everyone, even growers who have just started with social responsibility. For this reason, we have divided the requirements into five levels, expressed in stars. A flower or plant can be called Fair Flora if it meets at least the requirements of the first 3 stars.