Welcome at Fair Flora

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Our flowers and plants are produced with respect for everyone in the chain

Who are we?

These women are the face of Fair Flora, the flower and plants label that is transparent about the ecological footprint and supports projects worldwide!


Together with our growers we work hard on sustainable production

Our growers

Our growers work socially and environmentally friendly. Fair Flora happily presents them to the world! The growers decide the right price for their products, so that they can become even more sustainable.

What makes a Fair Flora product good?

Fair Flora means sustainable flowers and plants. We look at all sorts of things: how environmentally friendly is production? How are employees treated? Has recycling been considered? Everything we pay attention to you can find at the explanation of our criteria. These criteria are shown for our products. Because fair and sustainable starts with transparency!


The environmental impact of each product has been calculated and we try to reduce this every year.

Consciously sustainable

We only work with growers who are actively involved in sustainability.


The growers and their suppliers have to be good to their employees and surroundings.


We are happy to show you all the criteria per plant and per grower, standard on every product page.

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